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What is the PowerKube?

The Future of Striking Training

At its core, PowerKube is a sophisticated device designed to measure and analyse striking power with scientific precision. Developed with advanced sensors and custom built analytical software, it provides immediate feedback on your performance, providing a level of training insight previously unavailable outside of high-end sports science laboratories.

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What PowerKube Measures

The PowerKube accurately measures and analyses the 3 key striking performance indicators of a combat athlete.


PowerKube's proprietary metric, Impact Power, combines power (measured in watts) with energy (measured in joules) to form a single, concise metric that accurately reflects a combat athlete's striking power. By combining the initial speed related impact (power) with the effectiveness of energy transfer in the strike (energy), Impact Power offers a definitive measure of an athlete's ability to deliver powerful and effective strikes, providing a clear, comprehensive insight into their striking capabilities.


PowerKube measures an athlete's reaction time by recording the interval between an audible and visual on screen trigger, and the athlete's corresponding strike. This metric effectively assesses an athlete's ability to quickly respond to stimuli, providing a precise evaluation of their reflexes and readiness. By capturing this quick response capability, PowerKube offers valuable insights into the athlete's overall combat performance and preparedness, highlighting their speed and efficiency in reacting to dynamic situations.


PowerKube evaluates an athlete's endurance by tracking the consistency and sustainability of performance metrics over extended periods or high volumes of strikes. This analysis assesses the athlete's ability to maintain power, speed, and accuracy, despite fatigue, offering a comprehensive view of their stamina and resilience in prolonged training sessions or combat scenarios. By measuring endurance, PowerKube provides critical insights into an athlete's capacity for sustained performance, crucial for success in combat sports.

Evolving Striking Training and Coaching

Who Is The PowerKube For?

PowerKube is more than just a measurement tool; it's a comprehensive training system that empowers athletes, coaches and gym owners.


Unlock Peak Performance: Maximize your striking power, refine your technique with data-driven insights, and continually monitor and track your progress. Unlock your striking potential with PowerKube.


Elevate Your Coaching: Enhance your coaching with PowerKube. Provide tailored training with precision data, analyze performance in real-time, refine techniques and track athlete progress.

Gym Owners

Transform Your Gym: Elevate your gym with PowerKube. Offer members engaging, data-driven workouts that motivate and inspire. PowerKube brings a competitive edge, attracting and keeping members, enhancing your gym's reputation.

A world beating combination of validated science, engineering integrity and proven results has seen the PowerKube installed in the UFC’s prestigious multi-million dollar Performance Institute in Las Vegas.

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